6-10kV Oil transformers three-phase two-winding power type TM

6-10kV Oil transformers three-phase two-winding power type TM

Power transformers of the TM type meet the standards of IEC-76, GOST 11677-85, GOST R 52719-2007, TU U 31.1-13608660-062:2007.

The production is certified according to DSTU ISO 9001: 2015 and DSTU ISO 14001: 2015.

Power oil step-down three-phase two-winding general purpose transformers with a capacity of 25 to 2500 kVA with a voltage of 6-10 kV are designed for the needs of the national economy for indoor and outdoor installation.

Мощность, кВАДлина, ммШирина, ммВысота, ммМасса масла, кгМасса тр-ра, кг
25 825465 1075 72 253
40 861 485 1135 105 355
63 940 545 1160130480
1601065740 1315225770 

Technical specifications:

TM power transformers with a capacity of 25-2500 are available with a rated voltage-primary winding (high voltage) up to 10 kV inclusive-secondary winding (low voltage) - 0.4 kV for transformers with a capacity of up to 4000 kVA inclusive.
In agreement with the Customer, other voltage combinations are possible. Scheme and group of connections – Y/Yn -0; D/Yn -11.

The voltage is regulated without excitation (PBV). For this purpose, the transformers are equipped with high-voltage switches that are connected to the high-voltage winding and allow you to adjust the voltage in stages when the transformer is disconnected from the mains from the HH and HH side with a range of ±2 x 2.5 %.
According to GOST 11677, the maximum deviations of the technical parameters of transformers are:

  • Short-circuit voltage ±10%;
  • Short circuit loss on the main branch +10%;
  • No-load loss +15%;
  • Gross weight +10%.

The structure of the symbol:

TM-XXX/6(10) U (XL)1
T-transformer, three-phase,
M-oil cooling with natural air and oil circulation,
XXX-rated power, kVA,
6 (10) – winding voltage class HV, kV,
Y(XL) 1-climatic version and placement category according to GOST 15150-69.

Operating conditions:
Altitude above sea level-up to 1000 m.
Ambient air temperature:

  • for temperate climates-from-45OC to +40OC (version "U");
  • for cold climates - from-60OC to +40OC (version "UHL").
  • Relative humidity - no more than 80% at +25OC.

Transformers are not designed for operation:

  • in an explosive and aggressive environment (containing gases, vapors, dust of high concentration, etc.);
  • in case of vibration and shaking;
  • with frequent power-ups on the part of the power supply up to 10 times a day.

Transformer design:
Tanks of transformers of the TM type are rectangular in shape.
Transformers are produced with corrugated tanks with a capacity of 100 to 2500 kVA, with a capacity of 4000 and 6300 kVA with radiator tanks. It is possible to manufacture TM transformers with a capacity from 25 to 2500 kVA with radiator tanks. To lift the tank and the transformer assembly, hooks located under the upper frame of the tank are used. On the tank cover there is a tap (plug) for filling the oil, at the bottom of the tank there is a plug for draining the oil, a tap (plug) for taking a sample, a ground bolt. The active part consists of a magnetic core made of cold-rolled electrical steel, windings and a high-voltage switch. Transformer windings are aluminum or copper. HV and HV inputs for outdoor installation, removable, pass – through porcelain insulators (2500-6300 kVA) or polymer insulators (25-1600 kVA).

When the input current is 1000 A and higher, a special contact clip with a blade is attached to the upper part of the current-carrying rod, which provides connection of the flat bus. The HV and HV inputs are located on the cover.
The oil expander ensures the presence of oil in all operating modes of the transformer and fluctuations in ambient temperature. The air dryer to protect the oil from the outside air is filled with a sorbent that absorbs moisture entering the transformer. The oil level indicator mounted on the end of the oil expander has three control marks corresponding to the oil level in the idle transformer at different temperatures: - 45OC, +15OC, +40OC - "U" version; - 60OC, +15OC, +40OC - "UHL" version. To measure the temperature of the upper layers of oil in the tank, a thermometer is installed on the transformer cover.
Thermometric signaling devices are installed on TM transformers with a capacity of 1600, 2500, 4000, 6300 kVA.
In transformers with a capacity of 1000 to 6300 kVA, rollers are installed, which serve for the longitudinal and transverse movement of the transformers.