Rod catcher

Rod catcher

Rod catcher ЛШПМ-73-19-16

When there is a need to catch rods in the process of well repair you can use the rod catcher LSHPM-73-19-16. Being in the pump and compressor pipe, the rods that are not attached sometimes break off and turn away. Thanks to the rod catcher, it is possible to capture the rods in the tubing column. The bar, which has already been removed, can be easily released.

Rod catcher ЛШУ-73-22-19-16

In the process of fishing operations, when you need to grab and raise the rods in the column of the pump and compressor pipe to the surface of the well, you will need a universal LSHU rod catcher-73-22-19-16. It is used when TSA deposits accumulate in the pipe.